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Types of Braces

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Minimize the friction between the bracket and the wire to improve tooth movement.
Pain is reduced, and ceramic materials are used to increase customer satisfaction.
This is one of the most recommended devices by JK Loma Dental.


The device was developed to compensate for the shortcomings of the metal braces, which can be noticeable to others. It is made of porcelain that is similar in color to teeth and is inconspicuous. Due to its invisibility, it is a popular device for adult or female patients.


Unlike ordinary orthodontic devices that attach to the outside of the tooth, this is an orthodontic device that attaches to the inside of the tooth. This device has the absolute advantage of being invisible to others because the orthodontic device is invisible outside the tooth.



Conventional orthodontic devices use rubber rings or thin wires to hold the wires in the bracket. Self-ligating braces fasten the treatment and reduce pain. 


Clear Aligner

Clear braces use transparent plastic frames. Therefore, it has the absolute advantage that it is almost invisible to other people's eyes, and it has the advantage that it can be put on and removed by the patient, which is more advantageous for oral hygiene management.


The use of metal braces and wires  was the first traditional development of braces. These braces have been continuously favored since its development.