JK Loma 

General Treatment


Scaling, Gum Treatment

Gum inflammation is caused by a mass of bacteria.
Make sure to remove calculus by scaling because it will otherwise cause bone resorption. 

Some people worry about tooth sensitivity after scaling, but most of these symptoms go away soon. Scaling is important for healthy gum maintenance.


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be done without causing damage to the natural teeth. Teeth may be discolored due to tobacco or other factors. 


Root Canal

This treatment removes contaminated nerves by drilling holes in damaged teeth and sealing them with clean fillings.
Severe tooth decay or gum disease infects or exposes the nerve pulp inside the tooth. 


Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come into the mouth, and most of them do not grow straight. They can become lodged in the gums and cause tooth decay or swelling of the gums.